Award-Winning Airtight Coffee Canister

Here at Roast 2 Order, one of our signature offerings is our Airscape Storage Canisters – stainless steel airtight coffee canisters. Many of our regular customers use these sleek storage containers to keep our just-roasted coffee tasting super fresh to the very last bean. They’re also perfect for storing loose-leaf tea and other coffee supplements, too: anything you’d like to keep extra-fresh.

Airtight Coffee Canister - Best Product 2022 Award Planetary DesignThese high-quality canisters do so much more than just look pretty on your counter. In fact, the manufacturer we source them from, Planetary Designs, recently won the Best Non-Consumable Product award for 2022 at Coffee Fest New York!

We thought we’d take the chance to explain more thoroughly why our canisters are the best storage option for your beans and brews. We’ll also get into the science behind stainless steel, as well as other stainless products to upgrade your at-home beverage station.




About our airtight canisters

The high-quality branded canisters on our site are perfect for keeping your morning brew materials fresh. They’re food-grade, BPA-free, and designed specifically to keep excess air from affecting the taste of coffee beans and tea leaves.

Food-grade stainless steel

Our logo engraved canisters are made by Planetary Design, a U.S.-based company, which uses 18/8 grade stainless steel for all their products. They’ve chosen this type of stainless steel for specific reasons.Black Air Tight Coffee Canister

18/8 stainless steel is made of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. It is a food-grade stainless steel suitable for use with edible products, and its makeup means it is less susceptible to corrosion than other types of stainless steel. (However, you will want to keep the canister free of chlorides, including salt.)

Stainless steel is incredibly hard and durable, and this particular 18/8 grade, is known for being food-grade and its longevity. When properly cared for, your containers should look great and last for years to come (and in fact, they’re under warranty: keep reading for more information on that).

Airtight with patented lid technology

Planetary Design has patented its proprietary design for inner lid technology that pushes excess air out of the canister as it is being closed with a two-way valve. When you close the lid, you will hear it press out the excess air within the canister, sealing it against any more air coming in while it’s being stored. As you open, you will hear the air as it is re-entering the space. That is your assurance that it is doing its job! Planetary Design Canister Chart

Air, light and time are the enemy of freshness. Exposure to air causes coffee to oxidize over time, changing its flavor – and not for the better. This is why limiting a food’s exposure to air is key to many methods of preserving, from canning to vacuum sealing. It’s also why we’ve chosen the type of Keurig-compatible single-use coffee pod we did: opting for recyclable plastic, which was able to keep out air more effectively than compostable plastic, which could not keep the coffee as fresh.

Coffee beans add an additional challenge for freshness packaging. For an extended period of time after roasting, they are continuously degassing, or off-gassing, which is the process by which they naturally release gasses including carbon dioxide, or CO2. This off-gas process is a natural occurrence after roasting and is not unique to Roast2Order Coffee.

However, this process is why our coffee is packaged in a bag with a one-way valve that allows for gasses to release without letting in air. (And if you ever want to smell a coffee without opening the bags, you can press gently on the bag and smell near the valve; you’ll catch a delicious aroma.)

The coffee canister lids work in much the same way, encouraging air out of the canister while still allowing for the natural release of coffee bean gasses.

Roast2Order logo printing

Airtight Canister Turquoise MatteOne final feature of the canisters we sell? A Roast2Order logo displayed on the front! The logo, depending on which color canister you choose, is either etched or micro-dot painted onto the body of the canister. This high-quality style means the logo won’t chip or fade quickly, like lower-quality printing methods or cheap stickers are prone to do.

They also come in a variety of colors, including matte and gloss options. A branded canister in your favorite color combo adds a little extra joy to the morning coffee or tea ritual!


Made to last

Planetary Design backs their products with warranties: a five-year limited warranty on stainless steel components, and a two-year limited warranty on parts and non-stainless-steel products. The warranty ensures replacement for any parts with manufacturing defects. You can find more information on the Planetary Design warranties here.

Don’t forget the Scoop!

In addition to our storage canisters, we also offer Stainless steel coffee scoops that measure out your coffee grounds or tea leaves.

We hope this explanation gives you more background on why we’ve sourced our at-home brewing and storage products from this particular manufacturer! Everything we do here at Roast2Order is aimed at delivering the best possible coffee and tea experience, and that goes for these supplemental items as well.

Cheers until next time and stay caffeinated (or decaffeinated)!

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