A Roast2Order customer used coffee beans for a baby shower!

We are so thankful for our customers and our growing relationships with them! One of our Steve Dahl podcast customers, Lisa N, reached out to Mike for coffee beans to use at her daughter, Rachael’s baby shower in October. Of course, Mike was thrilled to help her out and Lisa was kind enough to share some photos and give us an interview about the experience.

Mom-to-be, Rachael was looking on Etsy and found “A Baby is Brewing” coffee-themed shower examples. She told her mom that she would love to use this theme for her baby shower and mom, and Lisa ran with the idea. Rachael loves coffee, especially Roast 2 Order coffee!

Shower favors - custom bags with R2O coffeeLisa purchased French Roast coffee beans from Mike. She ordered the printed custom bags from Etsy and filled them with coffee beans.

The venue coffee station was stocked with cups, printed coffee cup sleeves, and Roast 2 Order French roast was served. Lisa said that a lot of coffee was consumed! I’m thinking the room smelled wonderful!

A large jar filled with freshly roasted R2O beans was used for the “Guess how many coffee beans” game and doubled as the prize. Guess how many coffee beans shower game with R2O beans!The remaining beans were used as a base for some of the flower arrangements.



The sugar and coffee scrubs were purchase from Etsy as well. R2O coffee was not used for the scrubs but we may experiment in the future with making a scrub with our coffee.


Flower arrangements for shower with some R2O coffee beans. Photo from Lisa N.
Lisa told me that she is not a coffee drinker herself. She doesn’t really like it but her family loves coffee. She said she can remember almost all of her family loving coffee but her dad did not. She thinks maybe she got the “no coffee gene” from her dad, LOL.


Coffee favors on table.

She has been a long-time listener of the Dahlcast, Steve Dahl’s podcast, and has come to trust Steve, Dag, and Brendan on their choice of sponsors. When Mike, from Roast 2 Order Coffee and Tea became a sponsor, Steve and the guys started promoting our coffee, tea, and products.

Lisa has been listening to Steve Dahl since she was about 18. She mentioned that she is younger than Steve and his wife Janet and therefore has appreciated what they have shared over the years.

During her many years of following Steve, she has gained great insight and knowledge from him, Janet, and their team. Lisa stated that the life moments they have shared have helped her as she also came upon similar situations in her life, like getting ready to be a grandmother! She has some ideas of what she can sometimes expect and values their stories and all of the moments they have shared through the years. Lisa considers them friends and life mentors.

When Lisa heard Steve talking about Roast 2 Order, knowing her family loves coffee, she ordered some. When it arrived, her husband said “Did this come from Steve Dahl?” because he knows Lisa always supports Steve’s sponsors. She laughed and said yes. Her husband said, “It’s really good!”.

Last Christmas Lisa decided to buy her family and friends coffee and other Roast 2 Order products, like the airtight canisters, as gifts. I asked her if the gifts were well received and she told me that everyone loved their gifts.

I asked Lisa if she had any questions, suggestions, or concerns for us at R2O. She said she is amazed at how customer-focused and friendly Mike and the R2O team are and would like more people to know about that. Mike is always ready to listen and do what he can to help his customers get the most out of his products.

We want to express our gratitude to Lisa for sharing her story with ideas and photos. Also, thank her for her appreciation of both the Dahlcast and Roast 2 Order teams. Lisa, we wish you and your family good health and a wonderful holiday season with the soon-to-arrive new baby boy.

For anyone who is interested in hosting or helping out with a Coffee Bean Themed shower or event, I’ve added links to the Etsy products above and Mike’s email here. Always feel free to reach out. Mike and the team would love to help or answer any questions.


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