Support a Worthy Cause or Organization at Coffee for a Cause.

Roast 2 Order Coffee and Tea created Coffee for a Cause to help organizations and various causes bring in a fundraising revenue stream and raise awareness. We give back a portion of our proceeds to help organizations fundraise because we believe in helping each other. When you let us help your cause, you help us find more loyal customers. This process helps to fund your favorite organizations!

We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can help your organization. You will get a customized plan for your needs and guidance to help you share that with your group. We can set up Coffee for Cause programs for any of your favorite organizations or causes to raise funds for a specific cause or project.

Here are some of the organizations we help.

  • Holy Family Inverness,
  • Immanuel Lutheran,
  • Saint Mary’s Parish in Buffalo Grove,
  • Knights of Columbus,
  • Illinois Equine Humane Center,
  • and the Chicago Police Memorial fund “Get Behind the Vest.”

One of our recent causes is Coffee for a Cause for Weddings.

Most wedding receptions serve coffee during or after dinner, with a delicious dessert. We also use our products as an opportunity to set up a “cause fund” for the bride and groom. Perhaps it’s a way to help them defer the expense of a wedding, help pay for a honeymoon, or give back to their favorite organization!

We create a coupon code specifically for them, for example, “9-17-22” (BTW – that’s not an actual C4C code). When we create a code, it creates a URL Link and a QR Code. These are excellent, quick ways to get to places on the internet and share with groups of people, friends, and family.

We print all this information on an 8×10 table tent and strategically place them around the reception hall at the given blessed event, perhaps a few at the coffee station! Someone will need to mention what they are for during the announcements! BTW – we will do this for ANYONE – allow us to help you promote R2O C4C. It’s a win for us both!

How does it Coffee4Cause work?

In a nutshell, when attendees use the link/QR code, it takes them to and onto our website.

When the user is ready to place an order, the C4C code will be pre-populated in their order! They will see the code in the “coupon code” box on the cart page. They can also manually ADD the coupon code if they don’t know the links but remember the code. They can also manually type in the C4C code like any other coupon code.

The person then orders coffee, tea, or accessories creating an account in our store. From then on, orders placed will automatically contribute a pre-set portion of the proceeds back to their “cause.”

You can set up a C4C Code for a limited time, or it can be set never to expire. We assign one or more people running the particular cause as a “dashboard manager,” allowing them to monitor order activity. We can also automatically email them updates as orders flow in, and we can set up a regular schedule of reports (and payments) to their fund. It is so easy!

Is there a time limit on the program?
We can do this ongoing as perpetual fundraising events too. If you have a church, school, or other worthy cause you want to continuously support, Roast2Order’s Freshly Roasted Coffee and Tea for a Cause program can help create a long-term revenue stream.

Along with funding the organization or cause, it also raises awareness. As an extra bonus, your cause or organization supporters get the best coffee/tea or accessories they can buy. After all, who doesn’t love a great cup of coffee, tea, or accessories or KNOW of someone who would appreciate that as a gift?

What our Customers have to say
See what our customers have to say. You can check out our Google Reviews here, read comments from emails and texts we’ve received at this link, or look at ratings on products on the product pages.

For more information, go to or and fill out the contact form, email [email protected], or call us at 630-364-1610.



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