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The Scoop on Flavored Coffee – Doing Flavored Coffee the Right Way

One of our loyal customers, John, recently asked Mike, “What type of roast is your flavored coffee?”.

The quick answer is, at Roast 2 Order Coffee and Tea, our flavored coffees are all light roast.Cinnamon flavored coffee

We can flavor any of our coffee roasts as it is a process we do after we roast. We choose the light roast because we always want you to have the best tasting coffee. We hope you read our article titled “Why Choose Roast 2 Order Over Other Coffees“. That article states that “Great coffee starts with the best green beans. We use 100% Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, organically grown beans sourced from small farms, and community co-ops. We buy the highest quality green beans and roast them to perfection in the most expensive coffee roaster money can buy.”

We also only use the utmost in high-quality products like our flavorings! Anything less than that would be second (or third) best. That isn’t what we do. Then, the fact we can turn around on a dime and deliver it straight to your door within days of roast, well, now you know most of the story.

But, here is the scoop on flavorings

Chocolate RaspberryThe flavors come in a variety of types, and most are oil-based. Some of the flavorings we use are considered “hazardous material” due to the concentration of alcohol in them, most of which evaporates during absorption. The remaining amount is so minor, and it is not an issue for anyone. The rest is vegetable oil and extracts of pure flavorings, which can be very expensive. We have found that our Brazilian coffee takes to the flavors the best! And, by that, I mean it allows you to get the essence of flavor without it overpowering the coffee. We feel that is due to how lightly roasted and overall mild the Brazilian coffee is. You get the essence of the flavors in the aroma and taste while you still get great freshly roasted coffee flavor!ou get the essence of the flavors in the aroma and taste while you still get great freshly roasted coffee flavor!

When flavoring coffee, many of our competitors wash their beans first. Doing so allows the flavoring to permeate the beans, but it also rinses away all the great natural coffee flavors. Therefore you don’t taste coffee and are tasting only the flavorings. We feel that is no bueno. Literally! Our roaster’s name is Fernando, and, to that, he says “no bueno” when we talk about that process…LOL!!! He really is a coffee magician. For eleven years, I have been selling this brand of coffee, and Fernando has been the guy roasting it. Granted, he hasn’t used the same roasting equipment for eleven years, BUT it has been seriously upgraded. Fernando is an artisan! I want to take a Lloyds of London policy out on him as he is that vital to our business. He is also the mastermind behind all our blends. He came up with both the Dahlcast Mountain and Flowermouth Mountain blend, and we also have one more he came up with, yet to be released. It is coming soon!

Chocolate Mint Flavored Whole Coffee Beans
Blueberry Flavored Coffee