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What forms of payment do you accept:
Along with the usual Visa & Mastercard, our customers can use Amex, Discover and Diners Club too!
What is your top selling coffee?

Best breakfast blend coffee!Our Breakfast blend has ALWAYS been our top-selling coffee. Here’s what one of our customers shared:

My wife and I have been coffee drinkers for most of our lives but never found a coffee as fresh and flavorful as the Roast2Order Breakfast blend. Smooth taste and wonderful aroma. This is how we start our day going forward. It’s a must try for coffee enthusiasts.


Do you have any promotions or coupons?

Yes, we do! Use coupon code TRYR2O and get free shipping (this is a one-time use coupon). We have other promotions that we share in our eBrewsletter.

Our eBrewsletter is sent out twice a month and you can subscribe here.

Why should I try your coffee?

Great coffee starts with the best green beans. We use 100% Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, organically grown beans sourced from small farms, and community co-ops making our coffee sustainable.

Fair Trade helps small farmers sustainably cultivate their lands and receive fair pay, thus reducing the need to expand into rainforest territories. The farmers’ lives and communities benefit financially, and they gain more independence. Fair TradeThe Rainforest Alliance website – states,

Since 1995, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of sustainable coffee farmers by training them in methods that boost yields and safeguard the health of the land for future generations. All of this is part of our global strategy to ensure the long-term well-being of farm communities, as well as the forests on which we all depend.

Read more on our blog article “Why Should You Choose Roast 2 Order Coffee over Other Coffees?

After pressing, the bottom of the press still has maybe an ounce or so of liquid left along with the grounds. What is a practical way to clean that up?

First, make sure you have pressed all the way down, but, don’t press too hard or you will end up squeezing more silt into your coffee cup. My suggestion is you leave the press on an angle in your sink for a bit to have all residual liquid slowly drain out. See answers to other questions on what to do with the grounds when done in our Coffee blog.

I was wondering if you carry coffee pods for a Keurig?

Yes, we do! We even have a multipack option that gives you a percent off of three boxes of single-use pods. We offer light roast single-use pods, medium roast single-use pods, darker roast single-use pods, and decaf single-use pods.

If you want to see the multipack options, here is that link.
Order 3 boxes of coffee pods and get a discount.

Can coffee grounds go down the drain/disposer?

We asked this very same question to a licensed professional plumber. He said coffee grounds should not go down the drain, and they might collect in the drain trap or other places along the way and could cause your drain lines to back up.

Here are some ideas for those grounds.

  • Coffee is very beneficial to plants, gardens, and for aiding in composting. They help to aerate the soil and add back certain nutrients most plants thrive on. We have not heard of any plants that can be damaged by them. However, you might want to research your specific plant type first and verify that the grounds are or aren’t beneficial.
  • Personally, in the winter, we dump ours (once they are somewhat dry) in with our garbage. We find that our garbage doesn’t smell as a result. Coffee is an odorizer, it absorbs other smells! Hence one reason why you do not want to leave fresh coffee beans/grounds exposed to air, they will absorb what is around them as well as get stale. Never put fresh beans/grounds in the fridge or freezer either.
  • During the growing season, we recycle plastic food containers, dump our wet grounds into them and then distribute them outside in our planting beds, around shrubs, etc. We have never had a problem doing so.

Can you recommend a grinder?

Captresso Coffee Grinder IllustrationOur pick for a high-quality grinder that is reasonably priced (starting at just under $100) the Capresso Infinity Model 560.01 & 570.01 are hard to beat. Both share the same conical burr grinding mechanism. The 570 version is a little prettier on the outside with fancier knobs and comes in different colors. Our 560 has been sitting on our kitchen counter doing an admirable job for over ten years and, it looks great doing it!

Learn more about grinders in our “Coffee Grinder 101” article.

Can I drink your coffee while Intermittent Fasting?

Yes, you can. The good news for those on the intermittent fasting diet? You can have coffee, and it is not considered breaking your fast! So if you need that morning cup of joe to help you get started, it won’t start the clock on your eating window.

In fact, many who fast say that a cup of coffee can help give them a nice boost of energy and a feeling of fullness to start the day, carrying them through until they can break the fast with that first meal. Coffee can play a big part in reducing hunger, suppressing appetite, and even burning extra calories!

We actually have an article about this “Coffee and Intermittent Fasting: What You Should Know” on our blog.

Even though I poured the prepared coffee into a cup, once I am near the end of the cup I also see some amount of silt. Is that normal? Do you drink it, or leave it?

Yes, that is totally normal. While it is edible, some people do not enjoy drinking it. You can swirl your cup more as you reach the bottom to sort of “stir” it up. Or, just leave the very bottom, that is a very European thing to do…some countries, they claim it is impolite to finish everything on your plate or cup, supposed to leave a little something…or, others say that is an indication to your host that you want a refill. I say it is just something they made up long ago so they didn’t have to drink the silt! LOL!!!

A couple of things you can do to try to minimize the silt at the bottom of the press:
1.) Do not press down all the way to the bottom of the press when brewing.
2.) Let the press stand for a few minutes after brewing so the silt settles to the bottom.
3.) Pour slower from the press to not stir up what is at the bottom.
4.) As you’re pouring, getting to the end of what is in the press, don’t put that into your cup…dump down the drain.
5.) Don’t drink to the bottom of your cup!
6.) Learn to enjoy the silt! – LOL!!!

As a single person who probably would have one cup of coffee at home in the morning and make a second cup (occasionally 3rd - 1 for drive, 1- for work), what would recommend as far as hardware (grinder, etc), travel cup and amount needed (how much to order to keep it fresh)

Great questions!  I’d say get a travel press, like the ones from Planetary Design.  Making coffee in them is easy. It becomes second nature, it will be just as quick as any other maker and taste WAY better that way!

They clean up real easy too…you can take grounds with you, as long as you have access to hot water (195 F – 205F) you can brew a 2nd, 3rd, any time!  If by chance you don’t have access to the water, they make very nice affordable electric tea kettles, grab some water out of the cooler, heat it up, and for a little more money, you can get one that has a thermostat control, set it to 200 F, it will bring the water to temp and “hold” it there…no worry about boiling dry a tea kettle.

Finally, as for qty of coffee to buy.  A lot of that depends on how strong you like to make your coffee.  We recommend a water to coffee ratio between 15:1 and 25:1.  Personally, I like it right in the middle at 20:1, but, everyone has tastes that vary….which again, is the NICE part of the press…especially if you have multiple presses…make coffee different strengths or different varieties depending on what the drinkers in your house desire!  Of course, you will want to vary all this based on your preferences!

My advice would be to get 3 or 4 lbs of coffee.  Open bags one at a time.  The unopened bags will stay fresh as the day you bought them for about 4 weeks.  After that, there will be only a slight difference between them and just roasted.  After 2 months, a more discernible difference, and after 3 months, even more.  And, it is not to say that our coffee 3 months old is bad!  Far from it!  It will taste better than anything off a store shelf for 6 months or more, just not as good as when it was fresh.

Have a question? Please let us know so we can find your answer!

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