Can we take a moment to describe a nightmare scenario? Imagine this: you wake up for the day, stumble into the kitchen, and open up your trusty airtight stainless steel coffee canister . . . only to find it empty.Airtight Canister Turquoise Matte

Cue the horror movie music. Dun dun dun!

Thankfully, we’ve got a plan in place to prevent this morning snafu from ever happening. Our coffee subscription service keeps freshly roasted beans arriving right on schedule. Plus, you get a nice discount as an added thank-you for helping support our small business. It’s a win!

Why Coffee subscriptions?

Coffee is one of those everyday essentials that people tend to drink regularly and replenish often. In fact, that’s why it pays to drink coffee made from freshly roasted beans — you’re consuming them regularly, so you’re getting the most of that freshness rather than letting them go stale in the pantry.

A subscription means that your favorite gourmet coffee will arrive on time when you need it. No need to remember to go online and order, no late-night runs to the grocery store when you realize you’re all out, and no more stopping for drive-through coffee in the morning just because you’re out at home!

Additionally, a subscription is a fantastic way to support a small family-owned business like ours. It helps us plan and keeps the goodness coming your way!

Melody J. gave us a 5-star review! Thank you, Melody! Here’s what she said:

I’ve been searching for years for a great home brewed coffee. These beans and ground coffee are the best. I’m now using the subscription model so I always have the freshest roast on hand. 

Jeff also gave shared his thoughts with a 5-star review! Thank you, Jeff! Read what Jeff says:

I recently ordered French Roast from Roast 2 Order and liked it very much. Poor planning on my part caused us to run out of R2O and revert to the previous coffee (a Mexican shelf blend) we drank. Luckily, my next order from R2O arrived the next day. What a difference good coffee makes. 

How to get a subscription discount

At R2O, all our customers get an ongoing discount on subscriptions, which is applied automatically when they subscribe. You can find subscriptions one of two ways:

  • Visit the subscriptions page on our website. You’ll see options for some of our most popular subscription items and schedules.
  • On any product page, after selecting your variety and size, you’ll see an additional option for a one-time purchase or to subscribe and save. Choose the amount and frequency that’s best for you and your household.

You can also give subscriptions as a gift, which is a unique, fun treat for the coffee-lovers in your life! Look for the “This Subscription is a Gift” checkbox, which appears on our subscription products when ordering. From each coffee product, you’ll see the “This Subscription is a Gift” checkbox on the checkout page.

When you sign up for a subscription of any frequency, you’ll get 5% off, no promo code required, and the discount automatically is re-applied to the ongoing subscription order. It’s our way of saying thank you to our loyal customers!

How to choose the right coffee subscription frequency

You will see that we have set up our subscriptions to fit your needs and schedule. For any item, you can choose from the following delivery options:

  • Every week
  • Every two weeks
  • Every three weeks
  • Every four weeks
  • Every month
  • Every five weeks
  • Every six weeks
  • Every two months

When choosing your frequency, plan to get a new order a little while before your previous order runs out. That way, if you end up using a little extra coffee or tea than usual, you won’t be going without until the new shipment arrives.

Which subscriptions are suitable for summer?

We know some people drink hot coffee all year round, no matter the weather. But for those who prefer cold beverages in the summer, consider subscribing to cold brew, iced coffee, and iced tea options!

Iced Coffee with lots of creamCheck out our “Cold Brew Coffee” recipe and “Mike’s Famous Iced Coffee” recipe on our Coffee blog.Pouring cream into cold pressed coffee

Our China black tea is an excellent choice for drinking hot or cold. Order it all year round and make it the way you’re craving asking along the way.

Here’s a link to our “Cold Brew Iced Tea with R2O China Black Tea” recipe too!


What if I need to cancel or change my subscription?

We understand that tastes, plans, and needs change. You can stop or edit your subscription at any point before the order is submitted. After all, the point is to make things more convenient for you, not less!

We hope our coffee and tea subscriptions’ ease, savings, and benefits encourage you to make your customer loyalty official and sign up for regular deliveries. If you need any help setting up the subscription, or are looking for tips on the right beverage for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are passionate about our products and want you to be, too!

You can reach us through email at [email protected], our Contact Form on our website, and by calling 630-364-1610!



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