Why is Freshly Roasted Coffee and Tea Best Tasting?

Roasted coffee & tea is food. Like most food, it tastes best when consumed fresh. Once roasted, a timer starts. Time to order fresh roasted coffeeTea is not as susceptible, but coffee, as it sits, even inside a sealed bag, the beans lose freshness and taste. After about a month, it tastes different from the roasted date. In 2 months, it’s a very noticeable change. After three or four months, even our coffee will taste like coffee that’s been sitting on a retail shelf. Once roasted, most retail distributed coffee takes 1 to 3 months to reach the store shelf. The freshest ones are kept in the back so that the oldest moves off the shelf first. How can you tell how old coffee beans are?

Unlike most, Roast 2 Order Coffee and Tea has the “Roasted On” date predominantly printed on the front. Freshly Roasted On Date labelCompeting brands may include that date, but likely in a hard-to-find spot, using small letters. For the most part, competing brands typically only include an expiration or “Best by” date. And that date isn’t set by a regulatory agency. It is set by the packager or whoever is labeling it. The most typical “best by” dates are 12 months in advance of the packaging. But, when was it actually roasted? Was it done shortly before packaging? Weeks before? Months before?

As Roasted Coffee Ages

As roasted coffee ages, it tastes bitter, acidic, sour, and can cause stomach acid reflux, potentially dangerous to your health. It isn’t the coffee’s fault. All the natural coffee goodness and taste have aged. The beans are stale! You are consuming OLD food! How do you suppose your stomach would handle any other food that old? Perhaps they weren’t great green beans to start with, or the machine used and possibly the Roast Master who roasted them didn’t know what they were doing! This bad coffee is sometimes the only kind of coffee people have ever drink, how sad!!!

Why Choose Roast 2 Order Coffee and Tea? 

From the beans down to the service, you can expect the best! See our article “Why Choose Roast 2 Order Over Other Coffees” where you can learn more about the beans we use, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and Roast2Order. 

Our saying is “Life’s Short, Drink Freshly Roasted Coffee and Tea!” always! For more than 20 years, our goal has been to offer the finest, freshest roasted coffee and now tea, too, at the most reasonable price possible. For over 20 years, we have started our day by drinking exactly that, a difference you really can appreciate! 

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