How to Keep Your Coffee Fresh

You invested in great tasting coffee, let us help you Keep Your Coffee Fresh. You will notice our bags have a one-way vent. It is there to allow gasses to be released without permitting air to invade. You may see a sealed bag of coffee swell just sitting in your pantry. That’s totally normal. After opening, most people just roll the bag down, taped shut; that is OK. Even stored like that for a few weeks, our coffee will STILL taste better than other store brands. But, for best results, find a way to heat seal it shut. There are devices on the internet you can buy or reseal the end of the bag by running a hot iron over one side at the end and then the other (sealing about the first 1/3 inch from the top) Keep Your Coffee Fresh in a Coffee storage canister in red with lid


A better choice is using an air-tight coffee storage container. There are LOTS of over-priced coffee “gator” systems for sale. You will notice they all look pretty much the same! An aluminum can with a fancy graphic and a lid that swings over the top and clips down. These systems all have a one-way valve built-in. The issue with those, other than the price, the one-way valves need to be replaced frequently.
Also, what happens every time you open the can? You let AIR in! And there is no way to get it out. It kind of defeats the purpose! A better system is one that can remove all the air and keep it sealed out.

See our product tips information (and videos) and Accessory Products.
When using a grinder, only put the amount in you plan to grind and use immediately. Keeping the hopper full of beans, while convenient, exposes them to both light and air, which will affect the flavor.

NEVER store in refrigerator or freezer. Coffee is a deodorizer; it absorbs the odors it is exposed to.

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