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Ideas for Used Coffee Grounds

Your Used Coffee Grounds can be a bit messy and cause plumbing issues, so here are some ideas we hope will help you and the environment.

Two things you DON’T want to try doing with them.

  1. Rinse down the sink – you’ll eventually have to hire a plumber.
  2. Reuse them – yuk!

OK, so, what can you do with them?

  1. Coffee grounds are a deodorizer. Dump them in your trash, and they will help reduce garbage smells.
  2. They are useful in your garden and plants. They are high in nitrogen and will also help retain water.
  3. Because they retain water, they are useful if you compost, helping break down other materials.
  4. Dry them, use them in places you want to deodorize.
  5. Or just toss them in the garbage; you’re helping the landfill break down its trash!

We hope you have some better ideas on what to do with your used coffee grounds. Farmer’s Almanac has some more ideas like a bug repellant, an exfoliant, and a deicer!


Now, don’t you feel green?

Give your used coffee grounds to a tree


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