Even with an extra day in Feb this month, I was late getting this done! My sincere apology. I know you were holding your breath, waiting for your next edition of the R2O eBrewsletter! I have a somewhat valid excuse.

First off, things around here in SE McHenry County are feeling like spring – and winter, sometimes on the same day! For example, Tuesday we went from a high of 75 to an overnight low of 18 degrees! That has to be some kind of weather record. Let’s check in with Tommy Skilling – oh, wait, he retired.  Tuesday brought Chicago rain and tornadoes. OK, that’s enough weather reporting!

In all that weather on Tuesday, I was trying to fly back to Chicago. Of course, my flight was delayed. I was surprised we even made it or didn’t end up in Dallas. When I finally heard about what was going on back home, all I could think of was that scene from the movie “Airplane” where the control tower operator unplugged the runway lights – just for a moment as a joke. Fortunately, nobody turned ours off, but they did evacuate everyone on the tarmac and all those fun-loving pranksters up in the control tower due to tornadoes. I guess on or above the ground is not a great place to be during one. I really didn’t notice the delay, but I guess the planes stacked up over O’Hare. I got to my car, a quick stop at a late-night drive-thru for dinner, and nearly 10 hours after heading to the Phoenix airport, I was home. I was tired of sitting but happily full of steak burrito – thank you, Taco Bell!

We got a little backed up on our order fulfillment. Life got a bit hectic. Rick, Liz, their son Adam, Sue, and I flew out to Arizona last Friday – hence the plane trip mentioned. Adam is our daughter Alyssa’s “BF” – I know, keeping it all in the family! On Saturday, out in Goodyear AZ, which is where Franklin Pierce University has their DPT School, we all got to watch and cheer on Alyssa who participated in FPU’s first “accelerated-hybrid learning” program trying to earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Previously, a three-year program finished in 18 months…NICE! Last Saturday the class received their “white coat and pin” which signifies the end of “classroom” learning – they called it “didactic learning” – oh boy, a new word added to my vocabulary. Now, she moves on to the “clinical” portion of learning. If all goes well, we will be back out for a cap & gown ceremony in early November!

It was a fun time, a great event, the weather was perfect, they had an awesome area for taking pictures. We spent time sight seeing, we went to Sedona – took an off-road Hummer tour in the desert – I highly recommend!  Adam flew with Sue and I, we all drove to the airport together, before we left, he couragiously asked our permission to marry Alyssa! What a classy move! It’s nice to see chivalry is still in place. Sue and I couldn’t be happier for them both. He is a very smart person for choosing our daughter, and we look forward to their future together. I know Rick and Liz feel the same! How exciting for us all? Now I’ll REALLY have to be on my best behavior.

Adam chose the perfect moment to propose. The two were hiking at the Grand Canyon, and Alyssa was looking at something else. Adam was behind her on one knee, he said “Hey, take a look at this rock!” (get it? There’s all kinds of rocks at the Grand Canyon) she turned around, and, well, it’s a great story for the ages!

Sorry to say, we are a little behind getting orders out, but working feverishly catching up, it was well worth it!

In other exciting news, our teas have arrived! We are putting together new product SKUs, determining pricing, creating descriptions, photos, we should have something on our website soon so you can order! We hope not to have any bumps as we move forward. Our supply-chain is a bit slower because the product comes in from out of the country to us. But we hope to work all that out as we progress. We should have several new varieties from Black Tea to Earl Grey, Green Tea and several flavored herbal options, some are even caffeine free!

We also have a big announcement coming up regarding our Planetary Design line of products.

Watch our website for the release, and I hope by our next eBrewsletter, I’ll be sharing links where to order all this.

For March, our “Coffee of the Month” is our Breakfast Blend, and of course, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, our “Flavor of the Month” is our lucky Irish Cream!

We also have other “Coffee of the Month” and even “PODs of the Month” clubs. These are specific to types of roasts, etc. Please see our website for more information. There are many to choose from, you can create a subscription or, you can simply order at your leisure. Even if you are not a coffee or tea drinker, you might know someone who is. We offer eGift cards that are perfect as a gift to anyone on your list!

As always, we greatly appreciate you, our eBrewsletter subscriber! We hope that you enjoy some of our roasts and are willing to share with others about where to get the BEST coffee (and tea) that not only tastes great but is also good for you!

We appreciate the great turnout we had at our KofC Fish Fry on Feb 16th; we had a record-setting crowd on hand! We ran out of desert halfway through, we didn’t expect such a big crowd! Unfortunately, we will not be serving Roast2Order Coffee at the next fish fry event – which is today, March 1st. I will also not be present. But, if you are planning on going, I’m sure you’ll have a good dinner. The crowds line up early, and evidently those who did show up early really have a strong “sweet tooth”. Maybe go later, pack a Snickers.

Best wishes for a happy spring! Start getting our Irish on with some Irish Cream flavored coffee…may the luck of the Irish (Cream) be with all of you!

Warmly yours,


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