Happy mid-July, happy summer! Birthdays are in abundance here at Roast2Order. We just celebrated our golden birthday on July 4th, 2024, the fourth anniversary of kicking off our website Roast2Order. We hope you had a great Fourth of July. We got to celebrate with our extended family at a wonderful backyard “rib-fest” feast, their 30th annual!

Other birthdays of the month include Rick and Mike on July 17th, Adam’s birthday on the 10th, and Alex’s on the 30th, so there are plenty of parties around here.

Of course, when you’re having a party, be sure to bring the R2O to make sure the coffee drinks are EXCELLENT.

Don’t forget that our Coffee of the Month is our wonderful Guatemala. It is a must-have for all. It’s a medium roast that offers smooth flavor and surprising notes of chocolate, almond, toffee, and citrus. Use the code COMGuat to receive 10% off single-entry orders all month in July.

Our Flavor of the Month is delicious caramel. Use the code FOMCar to save 10% on this excellent flavored coffee. The taste and smell of our freshly roasted coffee are never overpowered.

One of our good customers, Kevin K, was having an issue with his Cuisinart 12+1 maker, which is a very attractive maker that has enough buttons to make it look like you might need a license to operate it! LOL

I just Googled it – people are saying it makes a great cup of coffee on the auto drip side, and are mentioning all kinds of problems on the kcup side – people getting every other cup a mess of grounds – then 2 out of 3. It is very hard to engineer an automatic coffee maker capable of perfectly doing one thing, yet multiple things. In addition, over the years, makers such as Keurig have changed their standard for coffee pods that will work in their machine.

One thing to understand is, these coffee makers are sold typically at a break-even or maybe even a loss to the manufacturer. They make their money on the pods – we are using them constantly, a certain percentage of customers will buy from the manufacturer, thus ensuring a healthy flow of lucrative business in offering coffee pods. If you want the best pods possible, you should try R2O pods. In honor of our 4th birthday, you can save 10% on our pods when you use the coupon code 10%offPods at checkout.

My suggestion is, find coffee makers that do a really great job at making coffee one way. Be it an auto drip, Kcup – of course a coffee press is often hard to beat for taste but not always convenient.

If you are in the market for a new Kcup maker, something that makes one single kcup at a time, I hear fantastic things about Hamilton Beach lineup – sorry I don’t have a model number, but, it is just a single cup Keurig-compatible brewer. I have used one of these extensively. It is what we use for “cupping” coffee when we roast. I haven’t taken it apart, yet, but my guess is that it is all metal construction inside – there is no water reservoir, so, no place for water to stagnate if you don’t use it all the time. The beauty of the metal is that it can heat the water to proper temperature for brewing coffee which is between 195-205 F.

Most auto drip makers can only get water to about 160-170F due to the plastic components.

My taste palate is sensitive to the plastic as well, I can taste it, hence why I have never been a big fan of Keurig coffee – although the new Supreme Plus II is better.

The Nespresso is good too. There is a refillable pod system for the Nespresso as well. It is not cheap, I think about $25 just for the refillable pod, but the Nespresso maker itself isn’t cheap either! However, just from what I have seen of it, they seem to have a pretty good maker. See our blog article on the Nespresso maker.

Good luck to you on this all. And, even though it is my birthday, you won’t find an automatic coffee maker or even coffee beans on my wish list! LOL I just go get whatever beans I am in the mood for, grind them and make them in a coffee press!

I hope I have given you some good ideas for coffee and coffee making.

Let’s not forget tea! We still have an amazing offer for our eBrewsletter subscribers…use the coupon code 15%OffTea through August and save on Roast2Order Tea! Keep in mind, this offer is just for you, the eBrewsletter subscriber! Cool off this summer with our pink lemon tea on ice!

Hope you enjoy all your backyard fests and have plenty of R2O coffee and/or tea on hand!

Warmest regards,

Mike – your Coffee Enthusiast Officer

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