Happy Fall, officially! The leaves are starting to turn colors here. In the morning, we sometimes get a lot of mist and dew…and the ducks are quacking a lot more – they are getting their voices ready to fly – or maybe they are looking for some good coffee to get them perked up? A distinct possibility!

Last time, I talked about Keurig-compatible pods, how we are building them now, and what a difference it is. I neglected to mention with our new pods, we are now able to put 20-30% MORE coffee in each pod, depending on lighter or darker coffee roast. Not only will the resulting taste be better due to the freshness, you will also be able to brew a larger cup depending on how strong you prefer your coffee to taste! Even more reason to try one now. Prices will be going up because of that whole 20-30% larger thing, so get them while the prices are still low!

Did you know that our coffee is grown and processed without using any harmful chemicals or pesticides? It is an all-natural process. Without getting too technical, you can see it in the line of many of the beans (assuming you order whole-bean coffee!). In the crevasse, you will see a lighter brownish-tan color line.  That is the remaining pulp from the fruit of the coffee plant. Mother Nature takes care of removing the pulp from the bean by drying it in the sun. Alternative processes use chemicals or water. Chemicals can cause digestive problems for some, while water may wash away some of the delicious natural flavors found in coffee! Ours simply dries in the sun, and the fruit falls off. There is some “chaff” left over, and it can cause a bit of sour or bitter flavor when roasted. When you grind, you’ll often see this chaff mixed in with the grounds. It is lighter in color and rather powdery.

Our latest roasting process actually removes the majority of the chaff from the bean at the very beginning of the roasting process, before the bean even begins to change color. It is collected in a separate chamber, so it is not roasted with or on the bean. Thus, our beans are not subject to that bitter or sour flavor. Once the chaff bin is full, the chaff is collected and recycled. Primarily, it is used to aid in composting. This is just another example of how Roast2Order is trying to make the planet a greener place or at least reduce our waste!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We hope you found this informative and entertaining. Please tell your friends to subscribe to our eBrewsletter, and hopefully, one day, we will convert them into dedicated R2O enthusiasts too!

Hope you enjoy your journey into fall, and that you are able to see the colorful foliage, if not in your backyard, at least someplace else!

Warmest regards,


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