MCT Oil: What it Is, Why Try it, and How to Use It

MCT Oil PowderWe recently introduced an exciting new product in our Roast2Order shop: powdered MCT oil, ready to dissolve into your morning cup of coffee or blend into a smoothie.

Some of you are probably thinking – “Mike, you roast coffee and tea, why go in this direction?” Well, there are several answers, but the one right up front is, it goes great in coffee! Use it as an alternative to cream or along with your favorite. It adds creaminess to your coffee, you might find you don’t need to add any or use less cream.

But what is MCT oil, and why have we decided to include it as a healthy addition to our coffee and tea offerings? We’re going to take a deep dive into the ins and outs of this supplement and why you might decide to test it out.

What is MCT oil?

MCT stands for “medium-chain triglycerides.” This is as opposed to short or long-chain triglycerides, which comprise most of the fats found in the food we eat. They’re created by processing coconut or palm kernel oil, concentrating the amount of naturally occurring medium-chain triglycerides present.

Why do people take MCT oil?

Because of the shorter chain structure, MCTs are digested differently by the body, for quicker-burning energy. For the same reason, they may also support weight loss or create the sensation of being fuller and providing more energy.

Those who adhere to a ketogenic diet may take MCT oil so that the MCTs can convert into ketones, which can happen when carbohydrate intake is low. People who do not enjoy eating first thing in the morning, but who still want energy from faster-burning fats, may also use this supplement in order to kickstart their day alongside their usual beverage.

How do you use MCT oil?

MCT oil can come in oil or powder forms. Here at Roast2Order, we offer an MCT oil powder, which is convenient to keep on hand and add to your morning cup of coffee or tea for more staying power. The powder form also travels more easily than oil, making it easy to bring along for your cup of coffee at work or to add to your after-workout smoothie.

To use our powder-based concentrate, you’ll want to start slowly, gradually introducing it to your diet over the course of a week. You can eventually build up to taking 5 to 15 grams at a time, up to three times per day. (One tablespoon of our MCT powder is 15 grams.)

What role does MCT oil play in intermittent fasting?

First, a definition: intermittent fasting is a strategy only eating during certain hours of the day, and abstaining during the rest. People intermittently fast in various ways, including by choosing a certain window of the day in which to consume all their meals; for instance, perhaps an eight-hour span. (Please check with your doctor before beginning any new diet regimen.)

This style of eating is meant to encourage the body to use up the calories from food for energy, then switch to relying on stores of fat for fuel.

Like all fats, MCT oil can help you feel fuller and more satiated. Feeling fuller is important when you’re not eating for a portion of the day! That’s why some people who practice intermittent fasting choose to incorporate these medium-chain triglycerides into their diet. On a side note, when intermittent fasting, you can drink as much plain coffee and tea as you want! Just don’t add anything that has calories to your coffee or tea. Check out our coffees here and our teas here!

What other possible benefits are there?

While more research is needed to confirm certain health claims, people have experimented with taking MCT oil for all kinds of benefits, including mental clarity, weight loss, better digestion, improved nutrient absorption, extra energy, and more.

And that’s the low-down on our newest product offering! If you give our new MCT oil powder a try, please let us know. We’d love to hear what you think of the product and what benefits you might be seeing in your daily life.

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