A bit about Mike (Founder and CEO – Coffee Enthusiast Officer)


My earliest memories of enjoying a cup of coffee were at about 4 or 5 years old. I’m sure it was more cream & sugar than coffee, but I was quickly hooked! It became a morning ritual with breakfast every day and after special dinners! Over the years, like many of you, I grew tired of drinking BAD coffee.

My adventures with freshly roasted coffee started entirely by accident over 20 years ago. At that time, my business partner and I worked locally, long hours in a software development startup business. His older brother lived in his home country and had married into a family that owned a coffee plantation. He sent him coffee that was freshly roasted and tasted GREAT and helped us keep up the grueling pace!

Being a long-time marketeer, I suggested we import green beans from his brother. We found a local roaster, a true “artisan” who roasted in small batches for us. We went from restaurant to restaurant, coffee shop to coffee shop, handing out samples of our great coffee. Everyone was amazed at the flavor. I never knew coffee could become the best part of the day! Unfortunately, our business relationship ended, and we parted ways. My partner moved back to his homeland to be with his family. In the “settlement,” he got the coffee, which was only fair!

Longing for great coffee, I founded this business on my own in 2010. Through my network, I was able to find coffee from all over the world. We offer so many great-tasting coffees like Blends, single-origin, and more.

It has been a fantastic education in something I have long enjoyed thanks to my “coincidental” encounter in a completely different business! I hope you become a fan and love our coffee as much as I do! I also set up Coffee4Cause.org to help other organizations fundraise.  We are here on earth to help each other.  We have the capability to do that.  By helping you, and you sharing our great coffee with others, you and your organization are helping us find more loyal customers, and that in turn helps to fund your favorite organizations!

Check our Roast2Order’s History page for more information. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call our sales and customer service lines at 630-364-1610

Thank you for reading!!!

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