Roast2Order Coffee & Tea shop


Tea comes in 1.75 or 3.5 oz loose leaf packages.
Coffee is available from 2 oz to 5 lb bag or box (40 bags, 2 oz ea)

Call us to make special request orders.

40 count box makes a GREAT solution for restaurant and office coffee needs.  Bags are not individually labeled.

For as fee, we can create custom labels.  Call.

Coffee can be ordered whole bean or ground to order.

Please Note:  Large fractional package orders can be made by calling sales/customer service at 630-364-1610.


We Grind For You (specified with order)

Coffee will likely taste better if ground immediately (using a burr grinder) before brewing.

We know that, not everybody owns a grinder.

We will gladly grind it for you at no extra charge.  We offer the following grinding levels:

Extra Fine – Turkish, Espresso or individual serving Keurig makers

Fine/Medium/Medium Coarse – Traditional auto drip makers

Medium Coarse/Coarse/Extra Coarse – French Press, Electric                     Percolator, Pour-over filters

Change the flavor with different grinds!  The finer the grind, the stronger the flavor potential.


Refund Policy

Coffee and Tea are "food items", sorry no returns. 

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