Freshly Roasted Coffee (Ideally, choose your favorite Roast2Order coffee ground suitable to your maker
Salt – less than 1/4 teaspoon
Filtered hot water (195 – 205 F)
Coffee (French) press
Concentrated lime juice – depends on amount of coffee but 5 – 6 drops should suffice
Ice cube trays – note: if they are plastic, they may stain


How to make “R2O Coffee Ice Cubes”

This is a very simple thing to do.  The key is to follow directions!


Try using one of our flavored coffees


Step 1

Brew your coffee to regular strength.
Ideally, you are using filtered water heated to 195 – 205 F in a coffee (French) press.
Just before adding your hot water to brew coffee, add the salt and lime to the grounds.

Step 2

If you are using plastic trays, you may want to use ones you don’t mind staining.  If they are plastic, you also might want to let the coffee cool just a bit before pouring in.
Pour coffee into trays and immediately place it in the freezer.  Try to cover.  Not to worry, your freezer is NOT going to defrost due to hot coffee. Everything will stay frozen inside!
It is important to follow this step.  Coffee is food.  Exposure to air, light, and age will cause flavors to break down after brewing, resulting in bitter, acidic, and sometimes sour flavors.

Step 3

When coffee is completely frozen, its ready to use!

These little cubes are PERFECT for use in iced coffee or, if you like your hot coffee a bit cooled off, plop one in your mug and stir!  Cools your coffee off without watering it down!  

Step 4

Let stand for 7-10 minutes, until the grounds and eggshell have settled to the bottom of the pot. Strain the coffee through a wire or cloth strainer into coffee cups or into a serving carafe. 


Ideally, you are using the same variety/flavor of coffee for your ice cubes as you are for the drinks you are putting these in!  Can you experiment by mixing?  Oh sure, but, you may not enjoy every combo!  But, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what you mixed together, you might be able to help us create a new coffee “blend”!

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