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Roast 2 Order Coffee and Tea’s Early Years

Twenty years ago, we focused our efforts on wholesale coffee distribution. We roasted in small batches, packaging, and getting freshly roasted coffee on the shelf as fast as we could. We had to watch inventory levels closely to make sure only FRESH coffee was on the retail shelf. Roast on date for freshnessTo this day, our brand is the ONLY coffee we have seen on a retail shelf stamped on the front in big, bold letters the “Roast On” date.  It is this commitment to freshness that makes and keeps us a top-selling brand.

The problem with traditional retail distribution channels is, it goes against the very nature of maintaining that freshness, at least with coffee.  Every day roasted coffee sits on a shelf waiting for a home, and it is going stale. It is a balancing game to maintain the right amount of inventory so the shelf doesn’t run out or that our coffee doesn’t go stale. Doing it right takes a real coordinated effort!

Grocery stores don’t have time to worry about one product, and coffee shops are often “locked-in” to a specific coffee supplier. Generally, it’s the company who also supplies their coffee-making equipment! The coffee most retail grocers or coffee shops buy is often weeks, if not months, from its roasted date. Order a plain black cup of coffee from one, and you’ll taste how bad it is! Most people buy drinks filled with sugary syrups, topped with whip cream and other flavors to mask the taste. They pay a large premium for what amounts to a poor cup of coffee!

As We Grew

As our wholesale business developed, through “word of mouth,” we steadily grew a handful of “direct” customers I personally delivered coffee to, be it family, friends, friend’s families, or family friends! Being able to deliver our products directly to consumers eliminates the issue of freshness!

In recent years, the demand for online shopping and direct delivery has grown substantially. Amazon, eBay, a whole host of online stores have popped up doing incredible amounts of business online directly to consumers.

At the same time, retailers grew fickle. Shelf space became a premium. Getting our product through the back door, stocking shelves, and rotating products became our job. Back stock room areas shrunk or became non-existent. Receiving hours shrunk, and in some cases, change frequently. Entrance into a new store requires a highly coordinated three-ring circus act with lots of premiums, wasteful promotions, and other marketing hype. A product like Freshly Roasted Coffee? Unless you roast it in the store, it’s almost impossible! Even if you do, there are too many variables affecting quality, the biggest being consistent bean suppliers and the type of equipment roasted in itself.

Today’s Market, Prices & Fees

With the most recent world health events, alternative ways to “shop” for products are very popular. It makes sense to have low-risk (cost) packaged items we know and love delivered in a contact-less manner to your door.Contactless Local Delivery

Retail coffee prices vary, on the low-end, about $0.60 per ounce. We have seen some retail, and more so, eCommerce sites that charge over $2 per ounce! Add in shipping, “handling,” and sales tax, it is incredible how expensive ordinary coffee can be.

As a consumer, my biggest frustration when shopping online is the “unknown” cost of “shipping & handling.” You have to put the product in the “cart” and go through the “checkout” process before you get hit with the “true” cost of your desired item. Most sites require you to provide a name, an email address, perhaps even a phone number to even get to that point. Once given, that site now owns your info and will put you on their hit list, pining you with email and or texts, and quite possibly, will sell your information to others!

Here at, we tell you upfront what our product and shipping costs are. And, we DON’T sell your personal information! Check out our Privacy Policy page.

Our shipping costs are a fixed amount based on your proximity to us, no matter how much you order. If we can deliver locally in-house, we will and pass those savings on to you. Otherwise, we default to using flat rate USPS. We can fit several things into a USPS “Large” flat rate box, which ships for the same price (for the most part) no matter the weight. Go figure. When it doesn’t all fit, we use our own packaging, and we don’t charge anything more to ship.

You can save money on shipping by combining orders with others. We suggest you order a month’s worth of coffee/tea at a time. 

The only variable cost of our products is state sales tax. Based in Algonquin, IL, our coffee beans and roasted teas are considered retail grocery food, so the rate is only 1.75%. If your credit card billing address is outside Illinois, we don’t charge sales tax. It’s that simple.

Today at Roast 2 Order

At Roast2Order.Shop, we still insist on the same quality beans, tea leaves, and roasting methods as the day we started. 

We have not eliminated our wholesale business, but we are shifting our focus to a direct distribution method. Thanks to you, increasing demand allows us to ship directly and maintain a reasonable price for our product. The best part, you get freshly roasted coffee and tea to your door within days of it roasting versus weeks or even months as with traditional retail channels.

We have the same methods of selecting our beans as before and use the same top-rated commercial grade machines to roast our coffee. Our beans are hand selected.Our beans are hand-selected. You can count on our consistent use of the same suppliers who are 100% Fair Trade & Rain Forest Certified and support small, local farmers or direct community development co-ops that are organically grown using environmentally sustainable methods. It is this level of consistency combined with being freshly roasted that makes it taste so great.

Our “Master Roasters” have spent years learning and perfecting the roasting process, passing that knowledge on to younger generations. We are small and, in comparison to some, a relatively young business. Still, our roasters are experts with several decades worth of combined experience roasting to perfection. Roast2Order coffee is the same beans, same roasters, same quality for over ten years. This consistency keeps our customers coming back for more, and most importantly, sharing with their “sphere of influence,” friends, family, co-workers, etc.! We are very grateful for this!

All our coffee and tea have a “roasted on” date, so you know if it is fresh! We recommend consuming our coffee within four weeks of roasting; however, it will still taste better than any brand on the shelf even after eight weeks. By the 12th week, you will notice a degradation in flavor, and after that, you might want to give it away before that or donate.

Coffee and Tea package sizes and varieties

Our standard packaging for coffee is still the same 16 oz (1 lb) bag our customers have appreciated for years. I get thanked often for not down-scaling the bag size. However, we now offer smaller 8oz bags, which include shipping for $5.95 plus tax! The downside risk is so minimal! It also makes a GREAT way to share by sending as gifts to others. We offer 2lb and 5 lb bags of coffee and an “office coffee” option, a box of 40 – 2 oz bags (5 lbs) of any of our varieties, for those who want to buy in bulk. 

You can get both whole bean or ground to your exact specifications at no additional charge and choose from 17 varieties of coffee. We plan to add MORE choices to our menu, and we are in direct talks with brokers from other origins. We hope very soon to add more varieties. We are also very close to offering a variety of flavor choices to our coffee.

Roast2Order’s loose leaf tea is available in 1.75 oz or 3.5 oz bags of loose leaf tea. We offer individual bags or multiple, all the way up to a case of bags totaling 70 oz. We are working on adding additional types of tea very soon!

We offer flavored coffee in Caramel, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut! There are syrups made specifically for flavoring coffee as well! If you like cream in your coffee, there is a ton of variety available at the store.

Discounts on Subscriptions

You can choose a “subscription-based” service as well. It makes an excellent gift idea for the holidays, birthdays, or any special occasion for the coffee or tea lover in your life! We offer a 5% discount on all subscription orders!5% discount on all subscriptions

We also resell some very cool coffee and tea-related hardware products, such as makers, storage containers (that maintain freshness), and travel mugs. These are all patented designs and, we are always looking to add products.

If you wish to order coffee or tea size other than what is listed, have questions or comments, or need more information, email us at info@Roast2Order.Shop!

Please watch our web site for new offerings!

Get great coffee to your door, typically within a week of being roasted!

Give us a try! Share in the experience of a great cup of Roast 2 Order coffee every day. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you for reading to the bottom! I am excited to have you as a customer, and, as you can tell, I like to write!

Feel free to call our sales or customer service team or drop us an email at info@Roast2Order.Shop.


Mike Mascow

Founder and CEO (Coffee Enthusiast Officer)

Roast 2 Order Coffee & Tea




Meet Mike, Roast2Order's Founder and CEO (Coffee Enthusiast Officer)

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