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Brendan compared drinking Roast 2 Order coffee to eating a Butterfinger candy bar that came RIGHT off the production line, versus one that you get at the store. 

A few years ago, a listener of the show who works for Mars Candy in Chicago GAVE Steve, Dag & Brendan a couple of cases of FRESH Butterfingers right off the line when they were on the radio, and all 3 tried and commented about how fantastic they were fresh like they had never had such an awesome Butterfinger.  Drinking R2O coffee is like that for Brendan.  Brendan says Roast 2 Order coffee tastes like delicious like a butterfinger freshly made!

Brendan Greeley

Host, Steve Dahl Podcast

White Airtight Canister on Satisfied Customer's counterGood morning Mike,
Thank you for your email and the VIP white canister.  I have it displayed on my counter and it looks right at home against the colors in my kitchen.

I am impressed that you would send a personal email.  Thank you for the VIP canister, too.  I love both the coffee and the canister.  Had it not been for Steve and the guys raving about your coffee every day on the podcast, I might not have ever ordered.  Steve has never steered his listeners wrong about anything.  He knows his stuff!

Today I actually had the breakfast blend without my usual cream for the first time.  I normally don’t drink black coffee but I have to say the breakfast blend is so smooth that you don’t need anything to dress it up and make it taste better.  That is saying a lot!  I have other coffee to use up too, but will plan to order again. 

I have a French press so my next order will be for a coarser blend to use for a French press. I will also send Steve an email to add my praises to Roast  2 Order Coffee.  It’s REALLY GOOD!

Until next time,
Terry M.


Happy Customer

Thanks Susan and John P - Barlett, IL


           Customer testimony of coffee and french press