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Thank you for the 5 star review on Google Ewa P!

Fabulous coffee store with great selection of the highest quality coffee beans, not only freshly ground to order but also delivered to your door. Coffee is richly aromatic and full bodied, one of the best, if not the greatest coffee, I have ever had. I highly recommend trying!!!

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Just received coffee yesterday. It’s some of the Best coffee I have ever had.

Kurt K

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Brendan compared drinking Roast 2 Order coffee to eating a Butterfinger candy bar that came RIGHT off the production line, versus one that you get at the store. 

A few years ago, a listener of the show who works for Mars Candy in Chicago GAVE Steve, Dag & Brendan a couple of cases of FRESH Butterfingers right off the line when they were on the radio, and all 3 tried and commented about how fantastic they were fresh like they had never had such an awesome Butterfinger.  Drinking R2O coffee is like that for Brendan.  Brendan says Roast 2 Order coffee tastes like delicious like a butterfinger freshly made!

Brendan Greeley

Host, Steve Dahl Podcast

White Airtight Canister on Satisfied Customer's counterGood morning Mike,
Thank you for your email and the VIP white canister.  I have it displayed on my counter and it looks right at home against the colors in my kitchen.

I am impressed that you would send a personal email.  Thank you for the VIP canister, too.  I love both the coffee and the canister.  Had it not been for Steve and the guys raving about your coffee every day on the podcast, I might not have ever ordered.  Steve has never steered his listeners wrong about anything.  He knows his stuff!

Today I actually had the breakfast blend without my usual cream for the first time.  I normally don’t drink black coffee but I have to say the breakfast blend is so smooth that you don’t need anything to dress it up and make it taste better.  That is saying a lot!  I have other coffee to use up too, but will plan to order again. 

I have a French press so my next order will be for a coarser blend to use for a French press. I will also send Steve an email to add my praises to Roast  2 Order Coffee.  It’s REALLY GOOD!

Until next time,
Terry M.


I have always thought coffee tasted like crap, and I only had one good cup in my life in college as an after-dinner drink.  It was smooth, had a bit of citrus taste to it, and it wasn’t bitter at all.  I tried drinking it many times, but nothing ever matched up to that one cup. When Roast2Order became a podcast partner, I heard you describe how the coffee tasted, and to me, you were describing that cup of coffee I had 30 some years ago, so I had to try his coffee.  I tried Mike’s coffee, and yes, I am now drinking coffee. It is awesome, and it tasted just like that cup of coffee I once had!!!

Randy C

Satisified Customer