Airtight Coffee Canister

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Protect your investment in high-quality coffee or tea with an Award-Winning Airtight Coffee Canister!!!  Keep it fresh longer than storing it in a bag.  Two sizes to choose from – Small holds 8oz and Medium holds 1 pound.  As it is closes, it pushes (and seals) out the air inside! Ingenious patented design. It is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel.  Shipping is included as we are now doing a manufacturer drop-ship. Roast2Order coffee and tea logo is temporarily unavailable on these products.

You're buying freshly roasted coffee and tea.  Why not protect your investment with this patented design, high-quality food-grade storage canister? Read our article "Award Winning Airtight Coffee Canister" for details on materials and construction. Products will stay fresh longer than in an open bag taped or clamped shut. Both the 8oz and 1 pound capacity canisters evacuate air as it is closed and will keep what is inside airtight. It is made of the highest quality food-grade stainless steel and has a unique, patented plunger handle that pushes out the air as it closes and seals it out, locking in freshness!

Our canisters are backed by the manufacturer, Planetary Design, a US-Based company, with the following warranty:
Non-stainless steel components - 2 years full replacement - no cost
Stainless steel components - 5 years full replacement - no cost.
For warranty claims as well as full terms and exclusions, visit Warranty & Terms Of Use - Planetary Design

PLEASE NOTE: Inventory of "Roast2Order" Logo cannisters is running out. When we sell out, we will switch to a mfg drop-ship distribution method, without our logo for the time being. Get your Roast2Order logo merchandise while supplies last!  

2 reviews for Airtight Coffee Canister

  1. Jane (verified owner)

    I bought two more to keep my light and dark brown sugar fresh. No more rock hard brown sugar when I go to make cookies.

    • Mike

      Hi Jane, what a great use! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Sue Grousd (verified owner)

    An ingenious way to keep coffee beans fresh. And the aroma of fresh coffee every time it’s opened is great!

    • Mike

      Totally agree, smell it first thing…Heaven!!! The best reason for getting out of bed!

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