Coffee Sampler Pack

From: $29.97

Choose from All our coffees – Blends, Flavored Coffee, Single Origin, Light Roast, Medium, and Dark roast coffees. Please choose Bean/Grind for all but Flavored Coffees – we don’t grind flavored coffees due to cross-contamination of the flavors:

We also set up Light, Medium, Dark, and Flavored Sampler packs with the same savings!

Blueberry Flavored Whole Coffee Beans

Breakfast Blend

Our top-selling coffee!


Our lightest roasted coffee!

Butter Pecan Flavored Coffee

Caramel Flavored Coffee Beans

Chocolate Flavored Coffee

Chocolate Mint Flavored Coffee Beans

Chocolate Raspberry Flavored Coffee Beans

Cinnamon Flavored Coffee Beans

Colombian Roast coffee

Slightly nutty aroma with, a hint of sweet chocolate flavor!

Costa Rican Medium Roasted Coffee

CUPPING NOTES: Bright Acidity, Medium Body, Dark Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Brazil Nut, Clean Finish.

Crème Brûlée Flavored Coffee Beans

Dahlcast Mountain Blend

A coffee that was inspired by the Dahlcast hosts (see

Decaf Blend

Light roast without caffeine!

Decaf French

Our darkest roast meets decaf.

Espresso Coffee Blend

Our Espresso coffee blend rivals Italian favorites!

Ethiopian Dark Roast

A dark roast that is what coffee was meant to taste like!

Ethiopian Light Roast

It’s said all coffee grown in the world can trace its origin to Ethiopia.

Flowermouth Mountain Blend

It is roasted somewhere between medium and dark.

French Vanilla Flavored Coffee Beans

French Roast

Our richest dark roast with full body and texture!


If you want to try something “different”, this could be it!

Hazelnut Flavored Coffee Beans

Irish Cream Flavored Coffee Beans

Morning Blend

Similar to our famous Breakfast blend, our Morning Blend is a smooth yet full-flavored blend but has a citrus finish.

Pralines and Cream Flavored Coffee Beans

Pumpkin Spice Flavored Whole Coffee Beans


A medium roast coffee with a sweet finish you’re gonna absolutely love!