Ethiopian Light Roast

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It’s said all coffee grown in the world can trace its origin to Ethiopia. Our lighter roast is what coffee was meant to taste like! Great wake-up call!

  • Roast: Light
  • Aroma/Flavor: Floral and fruit
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Body: Medium
  • Finish: Smooth

It's said all coffee grown in the world can trace their origin to Ethiopia, where legend says it was  discovered around 9 AD by an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi! Our Ethiopian Light roast has a smooth flavor and is best described by our founder as what coffee was meant to taste like! Great pick me up any time of day!  Full-bodied yet smooth finish.  Never bitter and every sip is satisfying!

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5 reviews for Ethiopian Light Roast

  1. Matt Marsh (verified owner)

    I have been trying different coffee blends from you as I use my new coffee maker with built-in grinder. I have been trying to figure out which blend might become my ‘usual’ morning coffee. I was hesitant to try an Ethiopian blend because I have had it elsewhere and found it too strong and bitter. But I just made my first few cups of your Ethiopian Light and – wow – it is amazing! It is very smooth, does not taste bitter or too acidic, and has a delicious nutty taste on the tongue and finish. It kind of has a finish like having just eaten a walnut. I love it so far and this (along with your Morning blend) might be my ‘regular’ I order each month.

    • Mike

      Hi Matt! We really appreciate learning about your plight to find great coffee! Glad you landed on the Ethiopian and Morning Blend! I hear what you are saying, a lot of Ethiopian coffees are roasted dark, but in contrast, both this Ethiopian (hence we named “Light Roast” lol) and the Morning Blend are lighter roast coffees. This allows the natural oils and tastes to come through versus roasting them out! I appreciate your telling us about the flavor profile you get from it! Hope you keep ordering more and find other “favorites” from R2O. We of course also hope you’ll tell all your family, friends, co-workers – everyone you know about us! Just an FYI – the Ethiopian coffees we offer are single origin, not a blend. All the beans we select are 100% Arabica, Fair Trade, Organically grown, and where possible, Rain Forest Alliant, and selected from small, family owned farms and community co-ops. Thanks again for such a great review!

  2. John R (verified owner)

    Your coffee just keeps getting better and better. This stacks up with anything I’ve had on the local market. The Ethiopian…might be my new favorite coffee period and I will be putting this one in my regular rotation. Whatever you are doing with this one please keep
    It up!!!

    • Mike

      Hi John, thanks so much for your feedback, as you know, we always appreciate hearing your reviews! So glad you like, thank you for your support, I was hoping people would react favorably. I know we sure like it too! New year, new beans, new roast…all good! Please tell all your friends where/how to order!

  3. Tom Moss (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the Ethiopian light roast. It’s really smooth and rich — exactly what I’m looking for. Keep up the good work!

    • Mike

      Hi Tom! Thanks for letting us know how you feel, we always appreciate getting customer feedback! We were also pleasantly surprised by the delights of this lighter roast, enjoy!!!

  4. Mike

    This is my favorite of all!!!

  5. Paul Bilodeau (verified owner)

    A rich, earthy aroma and a little smoky. Very flavorful but not overpowering.

    • Mike

      Paul, so glad you liked it, thanks for you comment! – Mike

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