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Enjoy delicious freshly roasted coffee – Roast2Order Coffee Scented Candles – Light one (or more) to fill the air with a fresh roasted coffee scent. Dark metal color w/matching lids. Sizes S-M-L

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Enjoy that delicious scent of freshly roasted Roast2Order Coffee anytime - Light one (or more) scented candles to fill the air with fresh roasted coffee scent. Containers are an understated dark metal color, typically black, with matching lids that will fit in perfectly with any décor motif.

Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large - choose quantity and size based on space/room size. Larger rooms may require multiple candles.

Candles are hand-made by us in the USA using locally sourced materials. We hand-glue wicks and use only the highest grade of clean-burning paraffin wax blend along with real coffee scent. We hand-pour this blend into metal may notice slight imperfections or differences from one candle to another - that is because they are hand made with LOVE!

Please use caution when burning candles! Use appropriate coaster/trivet to protect surface below candle. Never burn in an unattended room, near flammable materials or an open window.

Sizes        Ounces     Approximate Burn Time
Small       3 - 4 oz      20+ hour
Medium  6 - 8 oz     40+ hour
Large      10 - 12 oz  60+ hour

Burn times may vary depending on the environment and length of time per burn session - ideally, do not extinguish until a full pool of melted wax is created. Avoid burning for over 3 hours continuously. With proper care, candles should burn evenly however, it can be dangerous to burn until dry. Cover when not in use.

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Small 3-4oz, Medium 6-8 oz, Large 10-12 oz

1 review for Coffee Scented Candles

  1. Bobbie Jo (verified owner)

    Love the aroma of coffee and my candle is definitely doing the job.

    • Mike

      Hi Bobbie Joe, thanks so much for giving such an awesome review on our coffee scented candles! Our site is finally allowing us to respond! My apology for not saying something sooner, but we were unable to for some strange reason! Technology is tricky at times! Take care!

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