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Costa Rican Tarrazu’ Dark Roasted Coffee

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Costa Rica Tarrazu’ Dark Roasted Coffee is a single-origin coffee from Costa Rica that is bolder, but with a deep, rich, smooth, and creamy flavor. Costa Rica beans are known for big caffeine kick, this one is no exception, but with great flavor, an awesome choice!


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Costa Rican Tarrazu' Dark Roasted Coffee is a single-origin coffee from the first original growing region of Costa Rica, who is known for great coffee, which is its largest export and nearly sole source of income (besides tourism). Beans from Costa Rica are much bolder flavored, with higher caffeine levels, and are typically much more expensive than others! Tarrazu' beans come in various grades, hence, the highest quality are always the most expensive. We are doing our best to try to keep our prices in line. These beans are very high quality and our dark roasting makes them taste way richer and deeper in flavors, but still extremely smooth and creamy with no bitterness. Just great coffee flavor! You will want to savor it and look for more! Watch out for the caffeine kick!

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