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Create a Coffee and Tea Gift bundle. Choose from all our products and get a percentage off each item you choose. Pick a pound of coffee, add an Airtight storage canister, a Coffee scented candle, some single-use coffee pods, a scoop, and tea. You mix and match!

Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop

Our stylish, sturdy, and durable Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop measures two tablespoons.

Airtight Coffee Canister

Protect your investment in high quality coffee or tea!!! Keep it fresh longer than storing in bag.

Flavored Coffee by the Pound

Coffee by the Pound

Lighter Roast Coffee Pods

Enjoy fresh roasted fresh lighter roast "Special Bold Blend" Roast2Order coffee in a quick and easy way. Convenient single-use coffee pods that come 12 to a box. Order 3 or more, mix & match, save $! See our Multi-pack box bundle here!

Darker Roast Coffee Pods

Enjoy freshly roasted Roast2Order coffee in a quick and easy way. Now made in convenient coffee pods using our "Special Bold Blend" darker roast coffee! R2O single-use dark roast coffee pods come 12 to a box. Order 3 or more for a discount.  You can mix and match your favorites and save $! See our Multi-box bundle of coffee pods to order 3 or more!

Decaf Coffee Pods

Enjoy fresh roasted Roast2Order coffee in a quick and easy way. Now in convenient coffee pods that come in 12 to a box. Order 3 or more boxes (mix or match) and $AVE! Use Multi-Box Bundle product when ordering 3 boxes (qty 12) or more


China Black Tea

Add our China Black Tea to your gift bundle and get 10% off of the price of the tea.

Coffee Scented Candles

Enjoy delicious freshly roasted coffee - Roast2Order Coffee Scented Candles - Light one (or more) to fill the air with a fresh roasted coffee scent. Dark metal color w/matching lids. Sizes S-M-L

1 review for Build A Gift Set

  1. Alex C. Didato

    As a DahlCast subscriber who’s heard abut R2O for several months (I’m behind on the Cast), I finally decided to pull the trigger based on the Cast’s great reviews. This BAGS option have great prices for the products even BEFORE applying the Cast discount!
    I look forward to receiving everything & trying out the coffee!

    • Mike

      Hi Alex! Thanks for your great review and taking the time to express your feelings! We appreciate that you are our customer and we too are looking forward to you trying out what you ordered! Please feel free to contact us at any time!

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