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Earth Day Set – Press or Canister with Coffee

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Earth day set gives a discount on a 32oz stainless steel thermal press from Planetary Design or an Award winning stainless steel airtight canister. You also get a pound of coffee at a discount too!

Coffee by the Pound

32 oz thermal Coffee Press

Patented Bru-Stop design.  Never over-extract your pressed beverages! No need for a secondary carafe to stop brewing and maintain temperature for hours! Rugged, beautiful, high-quality insulated stainless steel will last a lifetime. Make the best fresh roasted press coffee and tea. Authentic French press coffee and tea maker.

Airtight Coffee Canister

Protect your investment in high-quality coffee or tea with an Award-Winning Airtight Coffee Canister!!!  Keep it fresh longer than storing it in a bag.  Will hold up to 1 lb coffee. As it is closes, it pushes (and seals) out the air inside! Ingenious patented design. It is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel.  Colors in pictures (where noted) may be slightly different. These canisters come with our logo either etched or Micro-dot painted, either displays perfectly and will look great on your counter for years to come. Our logo is not a decal or cheesy sticker, it will not come off!  Custom designs are available as well as custom etching. Several colors to choose from.

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