Healthy Tea Lover Starter Set

From: $52.54

Our Healthy Tea Lover Starter Set includes an airtight stainless steel canister (see video below images), a 20 oz press, our anti-oxidant rich China Black Tea or Organic Chai! One of the best ways to make tea is with a French Press. See our article “How to use a French Press.” Keep your tea fresher longer in our airtight stainless steel canister, and enjoy it every day! Purchase the set and get a 5% discount on each item. A great deal for the Healthy Tea lover.

Airtight Coffee Canister

Protect your investment in high-quality coffee or tea!!! Keep it fresh longer than storing in a bag. Choose the Red Canister and get a limited time additional savings!

20 oz thermal travel Press

Make fresh roasted coffee or tea on the go in the Planetary Design 20 oz thermal travel Coffee Press maker with the patented Bru-Stop™ technology. Thermal insulation keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours.  Push the plunger down, brewing process ends.  Drink from same container brewed in.  Highest quality thermal stainless steel offered in silver. From Planetary Design.

China Black Tea

We are out of 1.75oz bags. Please consider 3.5oz bags of this delicious tea! Chinese Black Tea - the most popular beverage served besides water!  Rich in antioxidants & oxalate. Drinking has been linked to aiding in weight loss, most effectively when consumed 20 minutes after meals. It promotes better digestion and may help reduce the symptoms of indigestion, stomach cramps and other gastric distress. Professionals recommend consuming daily, however, it is caffeinated. Moderate your intake or simply enjoy twitching!


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