Pouring cream into cold pressed coffee


Step 1

Pour the grounds into your French Press and then pour in the cold water. Don’t push down your plunger. 

Step 2

Put your Press in your refrigerator for 12-15 hours. 


Step 3

Once your brew has reached 12-15 hours in the fridge, you can push down your plunger. Pour over ice. (See R2O Coffee Ice Cubes Recipe for a twist.)

Step 4

Add milk, flavoring, or simple syrup if desired.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • Make sure to use coarsely ground coffee, so you don’t get coffee grounds and sediment in your cold brew. 
  • Flavor suggestions (Any of our blends or single-origin coffees will work with this recipe, but if you want to add a little more flavor, here are some ideas!)
  • This process yields a strong brew — if it’s too strong for your taste, add more ice, water, or milk to dilute.
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