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Single Origin Coffee 

Ethiopian CoffeeAs the name suggests, a “single origin” coffee is one whose distinctive flavors comes 100% from beans grown from a certain country or region. Climate, weather, moisture, soil, and altitude are all various conditions that affect flavor in coffee, which can vary from origin to origin and cause different flavors and coffee notes.

Most of our single origin coffee is a medium to lighter roast, with a few that might be considered “very light.” Everyone’s palate is a little different. You are the judge; we encourage your positive feedback!

Just like the different blends you could come up with, if you had nothing but time, money, and enough high-quality roasting equipment lying around when it comes to “single origin” coffee beans, you could experiment with various roasting levels to create various coffee tastes. Everyone has a unique taste preference. In large orders, we can custom roast lighter or darker for individual requests, but, as you could imagine, we can’t do that for just one single bag.Blended Coffee beans

We take great pride in our roasting prowess. Our “Roast Masters” have been roasting coffee for decades. We use only the highest quality commercial grade roasting machines, and our “Roast Masters” have spent enormous amounts of time “honing in” on their “recipes” to create the most balanced coffee possible for every roast we make.

While we know we cannot satisfy every palette, we try to stay as consistent in our roast to what is most popular or standard to that of the specific origin we are roasting as we can.

If you have spent enough time trying different coffee from these origins, you know that there are regional influences to them all. From one “origin,” there may be as many as 7 or 8 different varieties of what we call our “single origin” coffee! Perhaps someday, our popularity will grow exponentially, and we will have enough demand to support offering some, if not all of those as well. Perhaps one day!!!

Single Origin coffee beansIf you are used to only drinking coffee from one of the origins we offer, we realize we may not match up 100% to the criteria you are used to. We are hoping you will find one you really enjoy! Of course, the biggest difference enjoying our single origin coffee is that ours is roasted fresh and delivered to you quickly so you can enjoy that “freshly roasted” taste!

We roast all of our coffee in the United States, which should greatly enhance your experience since the beans are delivered to you freshly roasted, usually within a week of the actual roast date! There is no delay in waiting for the coffee to be loaded into a container, the container trucked to a port, wait to get loaded on a vessel, the time it takes to travel abroad, arrive, go through clearance into the US, then the various shipping channels that exist, from roaster to wholesaler, maybe multiple wholesalers, packaging, labeling, warehousing, more shipping to get it to a store, and eventually, it finds its way to your counter! A process that can take anywhere from weeks to months! During which time, the roasted coffee is aging and growing stale, eventually losing real coffee flavor only to be replaced by bitter, sour, and acidic flavors.

As we have said before, once coffee beans are roasted, no matter who’s they are, the freshness clock is ticking! Hence why we feel it is important that the process be done here and delivered directly to you.Single Origin Coffee beans

We start by using only the finest green beans that are hand-selected, organically grown, Fair Trade, Rain Forest Certified, meeting FDA approval, from small farms or local community development co-ops.

The type of beans used is predominantly Arabica. Some competitors will tell you their coffee is 100% Arabica beans. That might be true, but there are different grades of all types of coffee beans, including Arabica! And, Arabica beans do not always have a strong coffee flavor.

As an educational point, Arabica beans are usually the most expensive because they are more difficult and take longer to grow. These are predominantly used because the tastes are often richer, smoother, sweeter, and contain almost no bitterness (which is sometimes due to over-roasting to achieve higher caffeine levels).

However, to enhance the coffee flavors and create a more authentic taste, we use other beans, such as Robusta and Liberica beans. There are others as well, depending on the growing region. These beans tend to grow more easily and quicker, often contain more earthy or stronger flavors and usually more caffeine.

As stated, in each of these bean types, there are different grades as well.

The debate on which is better can be settled this way, suffice it to say from our experience, a high-quality Robusta bean will always taste better than a low-quality Arabica bean.

OK, thank you for reading. That concludes Coffee 101, and it’s time for you to pick a single origin, order it and enjoy!

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