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We’ll share recipes for a variety of summer coffee drinks and tea drinks. We’d love for you to share some of your pictures, thoughts, and suggestions so we can post them here for others to see. In our June e-Newsletter, there was a link to a blog we found that had some other great recipes. Let us know if you tried any or have any of your own. We’d love to share them with our customers. Jump in and have some Summertime fun with us!

Mike’s Famous Iced Coffee

Mike’s Famous Iced Coffee

Recipe Mike's Famous Iced Coffee RecipeIngredients Freshly Roasted Coffee (Ideally, choose your favorite Roast2Order coffee ground suitable to your maker)Salt - less than 1/4 teaspoonFiltered hot water (195 - 205 F)Coffee (French) pressConcentrated lime juice -...

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Got a recipe, a picture, or just some words to share on your coffee or tea making experience? Send it to We will post it here with your first name, last initial. After we gather enough entries or hit a “to be determined” date, we will have a voting poll. We will update this page with more information in the next few weeks!  Jump in and have some fun with refreshing drinks made with Roast2Order Coffee & Tea!

Iced Coffee with Coconut
John R. sent this recipe discovery to Mike:
“I made an amazing iced coffee today by using your Jamaican Blue Mtn blend.  I brewed 12 cups by using about i full cup of the beans and about 2 tsp of shaved coconut.  Brewed it the regular drip way, hot and put it in a closed pitcher in the fridge for like 6 hours.  You can’t taste the coconut hardly at all in my view it just provides a little something on the back that smoothed it over.”

Bruce S shared this photo of his Roast2Order House Blend. Thank you Bruce!


Thank you Karen K for the great photo and 5-star Review on Google for Roast2Order coffee. Hope you had a great vacation!

Enjoying Roast2Order Breakfast blend while camping

Enjoying Roast2Order Breakfast blend at the campsite!
Rick & Liz P.

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