Fresher, Sustainable Coffee

We are thrilled to provide our future and loyal customers with even fresher, sustainable coffee. Mike’s been doing his homework; even after 23 years of roasting, there is always room to learn something new! We found a method of roasting you are going to love! Here are some reasons we know our coffee and tea will be the best you’ve ever enjoyed. We are working with a supplier – we won’t mention names, but here are some facts:

Their founder was born on a coffee farm in Cameroon, Africa.

He was born on his family’s coffee farm in Cameroon, Africa. After coming to America as a teenager and gaining knowledge in marketing and sales, he worked with various roasting technologies. Our latest method produces the freshest roasted coffee on the market.

Our group has formed partnerships worldwide with coffee farmers, paying them wages far above average. The most essential attributes of those we work with are overall values, hard work, fair trade, innovation, and brewing premium coffee.

Our Roasting

  • Faster roasting – often in less than ½ the traditional time
  • Never bitter. Our roasting removes the chaff, or outer layer of the beans, without burning. In contrast, traditional roasting in a drum burns the chaff and creates a bitter taste.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology, which is simpler and better for the planet. Our roasting uses 1/3 of the energy and reduces carbon footprint by 95% or more than traditional roasting methods.

In celebration of our latest roasting alliance, we have a new bean offering – from Cameroon in West Africa. It is a delicious, medium to darker roast. Mike loves the fresh aroma and deliciously smooth flavor. Flavors of dark chocolate, raspberry, creamy, and walnut notes. In Mike’s humble opinion: “This is the richest, deepest, and BEST coffee taste I have ever experienced! 5 minutes later, delightful tastes were still lingering on my tongue – a MUST try – no cream or sugar needed!”

Our coffee pods have greatly improved as well. They feature a unique breathable seal that allows us to pack the ground coffee immediately, at the peak of its freshness, and prevent any staling, unlike ALL other K-Cups on the market with a sealed top.

Freshly roasted coffee off-gases. A sealed coffee pod will explode if the coffee is not entirely off-gassed. Off-gassing allows beans to age, stale, and flavor to diminish or vanish altogether. 

These new pods also allow 20% more coffee inside the pod! You will easily make a 12 oz cup of brew with one pod. Depending on how strong you like your coffee, you can make up to 16 oz! 

Please let us know what you think of the coffee you drink from Roast2Order. We’d love the feedback and want you to be delighted with our products!



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