The Secret to making Great-Tasting Coffee starts with the beans. You want to buy high-quality beans that are consistently and freshly roasted, store them properly, and consume them as soon as possible.Keep your beans fresh in a Red air-tight coffee storage canister with lid

The 3 biggest enemies of freshly roasted coffee are “AAL” (Air, Age & Light). Once roasted, ALL coffee eventually suffers from “AAL” every single time, no matter how well it’s stored. Coffee beans are food. Once roasted, the clock starts ticking on how good (fresh) it will taste, which will diminish rapidly based on “AAL” enemies.

How can you be sure you are buying freshly roasted coffee? Check the bag for a “roast on date.” Oh wait, you won’t find that on most competitors’ bags! You might be able to find an “expiration date”. Coffee doesn’t really “expire,” and it doesn’t “rot or spoil” like most food products. The FDA requires an “expiration date”, most roasters pick 12 months from the roast date. You usually can tell by looking at that date and counting backward when it was roasted, give or take. As coffee goes stale, it simply ends up tasting unremarkable, the flavor goes away, and you end up tasting something more bitter. Some people have never tasted freshly roasted coffee. All they have ever had is stale “off the shelf” coffee. How sorry we feel for them! Well, that can all change NOW! Even the best brand of coffee on the shelf at your favorite expensive coffee shop is likely old. Unless they are roasting it on-premise, chances are, it’s more than three months old! Even if they do roast their own, we have sampled a LOT of bad ones! It all depends on what kind of roaster they use, the quality of the beans, and the knowledge level of the person operating the machine! We clearly put that on the front of every bag we sell!

Here at Roast 2 Order coffee, we say, “Life’s Short, Drink Freshly Roasted Coffee!”™
If you love coffee, or even just like it, nothing beats the taste of a cup made with the finest beans that are freshly roasted! Once you’ve had that, you will NOT want to go back to “grocery store shelf” coffee again. Believe it or not, even some of the “coolest” independent, so-called “gourmet” coffee shops use cheap, stale beans to make your coffee, but that doesn’t stop them from charging $5 for a cup! All you taste is the flavors of sugary syrups and whip cream and not good coffee flavors!


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