Click! The tick of the door unlocking as you slide that key card into the slot. Room 204 opens to you. Finally! The vacation has officially begun. Two queen size beds lay before your eyes, for a moment you debate crawling under the covers and spend the next three days in a quiet slumber.

That’s the beautiful thing about hotels, they have almost mastered the “comforts of home” feeling. Comfortable beds, toiletries (because you seem to always forget something important like toothpaste), and of course they have coffee. Yeah, that’s why I said, “almost mastered”. Someone should really talk to them about that… Nothing says ‘crabby vacationer’ more than a bad cup of coffee in the morning.

This was something our customer Rob knew was a problem for his wife. “We traveled to Key West and she tried coffee at the “best” area coffee shops and restaurants according to reviews none stood up to the quality she gets from Roast2Order. She wished she had taken her press and beans with her. The coffee she gets at the coffee shops just didn’t cut it.”travel coffee press and coffee set

Here at Roast2Order we want to help you get ready for all your summer travels.

Making a great cup of coffee on the go only requires three things.

1. A Travel Press

This is an easy addition to your road trip, and I am certain you won’t forget to bring this along on vacation, after all, it is hard to start your drive without a cup of coffee for the road! This stainless-steel thermal press is perfect for the car, and a great brewing method for your “on the go” moments!

This is a simple to use coffee press that doubles as a travel mug. The stainless-steel design and patented BruTrek™ technology make it easy to rinse out and reuse if you are unable to wash it throughout your trip.

A good starting point for measuring for beginners would be about 2 tablespoons of coarsely grounded coffee for a 24oz to-go coffee press. Feel free to adjust this amount based on your preference of strength. Once coffee grounds are in the cup, add hot water and give it a stir. Then you can re-insert the lid with the attached steel toe with the screen at the top of the mug. After 3-4 minutes you can press that sucker down and you are good to go!

2. Hot Water

Thanks to those clever hotel companies, this should be a simple part of your equation to find. Every hotel room comes with a coffee pot in the room. Just heat yourself some water and get to work! Don’t forget you can always swing through a gas station too if you are on the road.

Ways to find hot water:

      • most hotel rooms come with a microwave too…heating water in it is a snap. Just be careful not to burn yourself!
      • Also, if the lobby has one of those continental breakfasts, or even if they just have one of those coffee makers, chances are, they have hot water through it.
      • Or, if they have a kitchen, for sure they have a way to heat you up some water!

For my friends out there rough necking it or camping out, check out portable kettle water boilers on Amazon. They have some awesome collapsible ones that plug right into your car’s cigarette lighter port.

Just a note, you want your water between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit so make sure you don’t let your water come to a boil if you are heating over a fire or stove. No need to fret, water boils at 212 degrees so just let it come to a boil and wait a couple minutes before you brew!

3. Roast2Order Coffee Grounds

We offer a wide variety of the best coffee beans, roasted to order, yes roasted when you order them. Pick out your preferred roast whether you like our dark roast Flowermouth Mountain Blend or prefer something in the middle like the medium roasted Sumatra. We have something for everyone.

Now available in an 8oz bag, you can order your favorite roast to order coffee beans in a travel size bag and ground to medium coarse and ready to go right before delivery.

Does your vacation call for some extra flavor? Take this summer trip as an opportunity to try something new like the five-star Blueberry Flavored Whole Beans (not available in grounds, so make sure you grind them before you hit the road!)

The last thing we want to do on vacation is spend time trying to remedy a caffeine fix. Sure, you can let their “Best Coffee Ever” sign lure you in. Or simply skip the $8 crappy cup of coffee and an afternoon with the flavor of burnt coffee beans in your mouth. Most of us have been there and can save ourselves from a Buddy the Elf moment, searching for that “World’s Best Coffee” and make even better coffee all on the go!

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