Why Should You Choose Roast 2 Order Coffee over Other Coffees?


Green Coffee Beans in a coffee cupWhy should you choose Roast 2 Order Coffee over other coffees? Great coffee starts with the best green beans. We use 100% Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, organically grown beans sourced from small farms, and community co-ops. Our beans are lot-traceable via barcoding. For less than 10 minutes, you can watch Mike’s Youtube video (click the link or find the video on this page to the right, if you are on a desktop, or below if you are on mobile) for more information on the type of beans we use, our roasting process, and how quickly you can expect the beans to be delivered after they are roasted. 

Fair Trade helps small farmers sustainably cultivate their lands and receive fair pay, thus reducing the need to expand into rainforest territories. The farmers’ lives and communities benefit financially, and they gain more independence. Fair TradeThe Rainforest Alliance website – https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/articles/rainforest-alliance-certified-coffee states,

Since 1995, the Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of sustainable coffee farmers by training them in methods that boost yields and safeguard the health of the land for future generations. All of this is part of our global strategy to ensure the long-term well-being of farm communities, as well as the forests on which we all depend.

Our Master Roasters are “crafted artisans” with years of experience. We use the finest and most expensive coffee roasting machines available. These machines are made by Emmericher Maschinenfabrik und Eisengießerei who have been in business since 1868 and today are known as Probat, Inc. We haven’t changed anything in our process for over a decade except for creating the Roast2Order.shop so you can order coffee easily and get it delivered quickly while it is freshly roasted!

Our prices are very reasonable, and you can get in touch with us in multiple ways – our phone number is on all correspondence (630-364-1610), so please call or send a text if you have any questions. Our email address is [email protected], and you will receive a fairly quick reply. We have a contact us page on our website, and we regularly watch our social media. We are there for you! Your satisfaction is our goal. We recently added a “Frequently Asked Questions” page to our shop. If you have a question, check it out or contact us, and we will get an answer for you. You may even see your question added to the FAQ page! You can also get the latest product information by subscribing to our eBrewsletter, which we send out a few times a month. We love to reward our loyal customers with new flavors, products, helpful information, and occasionally coupon codes.


You don’t just get coffee or tea from Roast 2 Order Coffee and Tea. Gift Set Bundle Press Coffee Canister ScoopYou can find air-tight canisters to keep your investment fresh longer. You can even brew a few cups and take it with you in an Insulated 20 oz. travel press. See our Shop page for more information.

Lastly, we have already received a lot of feedback and reviews on Google, Facebook, products, posts, emails, and texts! Our customers so inspire us. Here are a few customer testimonies from our website to help answer “Why Should You Choose Roast 2 Order Coffee over Other Coffees?” 

Mike, and his terrific staff are absolutely highly caffeinated, completely articulate, and knowledgeable group whom sell the absolute best beans, tea, and equipment. I have recommended R20 to many, and they are as caffeinated as I am now through Mike and Co.’s beans and teas. – Greg V

Cannot believe how good this coffee tastes and the smell is incredible. – Terry M

So far, I’ve ordered Breakfast Blend, Brazil, Caramel and Java Gold and Irish Cream. They are ALL fabulous. I find adding flavors with the regular beans are a nice mix. Breakfast Blend and Irish Cream is DELICIOUS, and that’s WITHOUT even adding the Baileys ☘️ Thanks for such fantastic customer service and prompt delivery! ALSO-loving the thermal travel French Press, it’s the BEST!Courtnay S

Mike, thank you for adding Caramel beans to your shop. I am not a coffee drinker but I have been enjoying this blend. Please let me know when Butterscotch becomes available. – Roberta M

My office had 2 oz. bags that were from “donut shop” or something like that, the coffee was bitter. Mike made up some 2 ounce bags of Kona for the office they absolutely enjoyed the fresh rich taste of Kona. We now have switched and use fresh coffee in the 2 ounce bags in our Company’s drip coffee maker. While I personally grind my own coffee, this is the next best thing for the office for those who want it fresh and easy in the 2 ounce bags – Dave

I just tried the Italian Roast for the 1st time. Excellent flavor. I drink espresso every morning. This is by far the most smooth flavor and absolutely no bitterness or sour aftertaste!Maria

First pot of French pressed decaf French roast this morning. Could not have been better! Amazing richness and beautiful roast on the beans. – Sue G

The quality of coffee this company makes is just unmatched! You would file a lawsuit against “big coffee” if you gave Roast2Order a try. My house smells AMAZING all day from brewing a pot of the delicious breakfast blend! – Charlie J

Enjoying my new travel french press. Never used a french press before and have heard it’s the best way to enjoy fresh roasted coffee. Tried it today by following your instructions and it really does taste great! Thank you. – Liz

Amazing coffee, excellent body and when done in a french press, brings out the best flavor (unless you have a Bialetti Pot, then that is a truly wonderful experience). – Greg B

My wife and I have been a coffee drinker for most of our lives, but never found a coffee as fresh and flavourful as Roast2Order Breakfast blend. Smooth taste and wonderful aroma. This is how we start our day going forward. It’s a must try for coffee enthusiasts. – Rick and Trish L

Love the Brazil, so awesome!David Z

Absolutely love this blend! Not too mild, not too strong, it is just right and full of flavor! – Jen M

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