Why is Costa Rica Tarrazu Coffee So Popular?

Costa Rica MacawCosta Rica is known for growing some of the finest coffee beans available. It is their #1 export. 

Of the 8 Coffee Growing Regions in Costa Rica, the Tarrazú region, pronounced Terra Sue, is the origin of all coffee grown in Costa Rica. Many believe the Tarrazú region produces the best coffee. At Roast2Order, we are roast a medium Tarrazu’.

Costa Rica Tarrazú  Medium Roasted Coffee is a single-origin coffee from Costa Rica with a vibrant, full-flavored, and citrusy finish. As you come to expect from R2O, it is, of course, smooth, never bitter, but it will wake up both you and your mouth!Costa Rican Tarrazu Medium Roasted Coffee for sale


Costa Rica’s Coffee Growing History

In 1779, Costa Rica’s Central Valley began growing Arabica coffee plants with ideal growing conditions such as fertile soil, high altitude, and a cool climate. Around the 19th century, the Costa Rican government realized the economic potential of coffee, so to encourage production, it gave free land to coffee farmers. During this time, production significantly increased.

By 1829, coffee exports revenue surpassed revenue from cocoa, tobacco, and sugar. Initially, coffee was exported to Panama and Chile. In the mid-1800s, William Le Lacheur Lyon, an English Captain, sent hundreds of bags of Costa Rican coffee to Britain, thus sparking national interest in Costa Rican coffee. Before World War II, England was the largest recipient of Costa Rican coffee exports.

Today, Costa Rican coffee is known for being some of the world’s best coffee, with more than one and a half million bags grown and exported around the globe each year. Small farmers play a significant role in this production—nearly 90 percent of all producers cultivate less than 12 acres. The beans remain 100% Arabica, which is of the highest quality. There are several grades of Arabica. Check back for an article on Coffee Grading! For 30 years it was illegal to grow anything but 100% Arabica beans in Costa Rica. According to Reuters’ article in February 2018, the ban was lifted and they can now grow Robusto beans

Our beans are hand selected.RainforestAt Roast2Order Coffee & Tea, we use 100% Fair Trade, Rain Forest Alliance, organically grown beans sourced from small farms, and community co-ops. See our article “Why Choose Roast 2 Order over Other Coffees“. Fairtrade coffee is growing in popularity worldwide. Places like Costa Rica have over 70,000 farmers growing coffee. Fairtrade organizations like Fairtrade International and the Rain Forest Alliance work to secure better rights and salaries for small farmers. Fairtrade certification promotes environmental, social, and economic sustainability and often emphasizes shade-grown and organic coffee. Inspected farms must comply with health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Costa Rica Coffee Harvest Time and Process

Because of the perfect growing conditions and vast land areas in Costa Rica, coffee harvests occur three times a year, unlike other countries where coffee bean harvesting is annual. January is typically the time when the majority of the harvesting occurs. There is so much to do. People from neighboring countries come to help in the coffee farms.

Coffee berries are mostly hand-picked from the plants, then taken to processing plants, washed, and stripped of pulp. The beans are dried in the sun or by machine. Then they get sorted according to size and shape and sealed off in bags. The time between picking the beans to bagging and selling is roughly 24 hours. This quick timing is vital to maintain the quality and flavors of the coffee beans.


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